Do your customers have to wait days, weeks, or an eternity for a reply to their email inquiries?

Not if you use Mailroom.

Mailroom is online software that allows your entire team to manage all your website email, respond to customer email faster, and make customer conversations more productive. That is, everything you need to deliver great customer service via email.

With Mailroom, you can:

  • Manage all your website email, including addresses such as contact@, info@, sales@ or support@.
  • Have one central location where team members can go to assign to-do’s, follow up with reminders, collaborate on responses and close tasks upon completion.
  • Respond to customer email more quickly by compiling customizable replies to the questions you’re most frequently asked.
  • Prioritize customer email by marking which ones “Need Attention” — and how soon.
  • Make customer conversations more productive by recording notes about past exchanges and retrieving this information in just seconds.
  • De-clutter your inbox by reassigning email to the appropriate team members.

The bottom line: Mailroom allows your small business to provide better customer service. Better yet, it’s easy to set up and use. And because Mailroom is hosted on the Web, there’s nothing to download or install.

Already an Outlook, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail user? You’ll feel right at home with Mailroom’s interface. Plus, you can keep using any of these programs for personal email while employing Mailroom only for professional email.

Don’t let your customers slip through the cracks. Sign up for your free Mailroom account today.

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